Minidale Samples


Wooliedales Etc.
by Carol at Usher Associates, LLC

(These are my personal inspirational Woolies, available only by auction on eBay. Contact me if you want to be on my notification list when I have a new Minidale listed.)



My Jesse is not for sale!!

...but because we think she is so smart, I have fun creating and selling the felted Minidales doing things humans would do...

sold for $255.00

sold for $84.87

sold for $303.00 taking a canoe ride down the campground's river,  catching a ride in a backpack...

sold for $124.37

sold for $202.50

sold for $89.00

...catching a ride on a WHAT?! bear?. Better off relaxing in a canoe or reading a good book!


sold for $212.50

sold for $105.00

      sold for $97.98


Whatever you can imagine an Airedale sticking his nose into is what you are apt to find in these little wool feltings. The final sculptures, however, are much more manageable than the messes the dogs really make getting into things! But who can judge what a mess is when creativity is in progress?


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