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What are Carol's Woolies?

Felting Techique - Carol's Hands


Woolies are created using a technique called needle-felting which has become a newly favored art form. In addition to selecting the highest quality wool, each of my needle feltings is treated to be moth-resistant. To begin, the wool is pressed together or rolled tightly against itself into a basic form. This roughly formed wool is then sculpted into a specific shape with a felting needle. Aluminum armature wire is sometimes used to strengthen legs on free-standing pieces.

The felting needle is about 3" long with barbs near its point that interlock the fibers of the wool with each insertion into the pressed wool form. By manipulating the wool with one hand and poking in precise locations hundreds and thousands of times with the needle in the other hand, I "sculpt" the wool into the creation that I have in mind.  The result is a veritable objet d'art that I hope captures the character and magnificence of each living creature.

Normally, each sculpture is about 6" in height or length - give or take - and, given the technique, no two are exactly alike. Minidales are 3"-4" and specialty pieces can get up to 9" or 10".

An artist's worth is wrapped up in the ability to see with the inner eye and transfer that image into the material world. I try to capture the essence of an animal or pet using pictures and descriptions from the customer. I consider my customers to be partners in the creative experience.




Each needle-felted Woolie is named and numbered, packaged with natural filler in a black pin-striped box with a gold label, so they make nice gifts  -- if you can part with them <grin>!

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