Rave Reviews for these Dogs in Wool
Wooliedales Etc.
by Carol at Usher Associates, LLC


What people are saying about these needle felted Wooliedales & Wooliedogs...


"I wrapped them up and met my buddy for lunch and made her open them, I just couldn't wait for her to see them.  She started crying she was so overwhelmed.  Her dales are her kids....."

"...you have captured the essence of the Shar Pei breed and my own dog Kobe, proud, regal, a little aloof. It took my breath away as I looked at all the detail, the way you got the wrinkling just right, the texture which looks like a Shar Pei's bristly coat, in a word, incredible!! I can't wait to show my friends and family..."

"You are truly the best of the best. I am totally in awe of you."

"Carol, there aren't enough happy words in a thesaurus to tell you how much we love our Wooliedales! They capture that Airedale personality!!!"

...what a beautiful, beautiful Woolie...you really did capture such tender loving feelings...

Oh my God! I picked up the package this morning and was tearing into the box while driving (NOT something I recommend). Packing peanuts were flying around as I eagerly dug in to find my Bassett Woolies. I pulled Daisyís flat Basset pose out first and wanted to cry. It is SO adorable. You even captured her pink nose!! And Tobyís wonderful freckles and ear curl. I canít believe how cute they look.

...to receive my Woolie-'dale just enriched my spirits

Carol, thank you again.  I'm convinced you are the Leonardo Da Vinci of needle-felting sculpture! ...Charlie Tobin

Sooooooooooo cute

I can't tell you how much I love them!

I just love mine........it almost made me cry!


...absolutely gorgeous

I just love him!


I just kept saying "Ohmygosh" as each one is cuter than the one before.

Wow...I'm impressed!

They are so cute and you definitely capture their crazy ADT positions.

...they defy description!!!

...those teeth, that tongue, you expect him to get up and tuckbuttrun!

The delivery made my day.

...they are EXQUISITE!

...absolutely spectacular!

...quite a hit

I am most impressed, both with the concept, execution and quality...a unique and highly desirable product...

You are FANTASTIC!!!!

I don't usually cry when I open my Christmas presents, but I did when I held "Tilly."  You captured her very essence.  When I hold her I feel like I am holding her tiny soul.  Your work is beautiful, magical, inspired. Thank you.

My dog arrived today... he is WAY more adorable than on eBay!  WOW am I  impressed!  He is the best and will be very difficult for me to give away at Christmas!

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