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All these pieces are needle-felted in quality wool to create the desired effect and character of each animal. A few are accented with other materials as described. All are one-of-a-kind creations and are designated as my original work with a sterling silver "W" imbedded in the wool.

Below are the Woolies needle feltings I currently have for sale or have recently been sold. Scroll down to see the categories: Various Animals, Italian Immigrants, Sheep & Goats, Airedale Terriers & Other Breeds.

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Please note that prices shown on this page do not include shipping, handling or insurance costs. See details below for shipping and insurance.


Needle-felted Donkey

9"h x 7"



Apple Bearing Donkey

As burden bearers, donkeys draw my adoration! In creating this beauty, its face reflects the beauty of  a willing heart! This one, of course, is needle-felted in its entirety except for the baskets. These are draped over a felted blanket - all filled with needle-felted apples ready for market.




Needle Felted Chickens

 $125. each plus $8.00 S&H


Here are the newest..."the Girls!" (whoops! one rooster in the bunch!) They certainly chit-chatted long and loud as they were being created on my desk, each vying for the most creative plumes to attract the rooster! I had to convince them that each was just as attractive as the next...each unique in her own right. Sound a little like real life??

Each chicken is about 5 - 6 " high, excluding the wooden bases, to which they are permanently attached.




Needle felted Chicken #1

Needle Felted Chicken #2 (SOLD Sep. 2012)






Needle felted Chicken #3

Needle felted Rooster

The King Lion

Mount is 8" square; lion protrudes 3"


Note: This item

Sold on eBay May 5, 2012

The King Lion

This roaring majestic lion is needle-felted within a black painted free-standing wooden mount surrounded by a golden fabric border and gold cord. Beneath is a metal cylinder with the words, "The King" (what else?) His teeth are polymer clay and he couldn't be showing his prowess more clearly.



A Boy and His Dog

5" x 5" Felting in a 7' x 9" Frame

$275 Special $195

Note: This item sold on eBay on May 5, 2012


A Boy and His Dog

We grown-ups may sign our greetings with "Hugs," but  hugs come as natural to a child as being hugged comes to a dog. The result is inspiration!

This needle felted pair has been created inside a  shuttered window frame that has a distressed-look finish.  The frame backing measures 7"x 9".  The  felting itself is 5 1/2" x 5" and protrudes about 2" from the window. The window frame has a stand and a hook so it can be placed on a table, a shelf, or hung on a wall.






Shipping and Insurance:

Shipping and handling for a single piece is $8.00 via USPS Priority Mail in the U.S. If you order two or more at the same time, I will ship all for $8.00. Email me and I will provide the total cost and advise you about payment arrangements. If you have any questions or prefer a different shipping method, please contact me.  I require insurance for purchases above $100.00 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I will add the amount according to the following schedule:

$100.01-$200.00  = $2.75
$200.01-$300.00  = $4.70

 = $5.70


 = $6.70


 = $7.70

Above $600. =$7.70 + $1.00 per $100.00 or fraction thereof

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